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Beta 14 Patch 4

  • Fixes a zoom speed issue in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for fog tokens to get moved out of their default position
  • Changed window title to use scene name in scenes
  • Fixed a bug where it the arrow keys would move tokens even when typing

Beta 14 Patch 3

Quality of life changes in a few places and some bugfixes.

  • Made the nav bar load faster on the front page
  • Sort characters alphabetically
  • Fix an issue where many character categories would take up too much space
  • Fixed a bug where changing user settings like theme would stop an account from being in guest mode
  • Fixed an error on the resources page when logged out
  • Fixed an issue with gridlines looking strange and appearing to re-size when zooming

Beta 14 Patch 2

This patch is here to address some community frustrations with the token scale and rotate handles. These have had some issues for a while, registering clicks a little outside the handles and generally getting in the way when you want to move a token and a suggestion for an option to hide them altogether was top voted on discord.

I've made changes to improve the handles as they are and added a setting to hide the handles, revealing them only when the selected token is clicked again. I want to trial these changes for a while and hopefully eventually settle on one as default so let me know if you have any strong thoughts one way or the other.

  • Added a shadow and highlight to selected tokens
  • Fixed and adjusted scale/rotate handle placement and selection
  • Added hiding of handles when zoomed out
  • Added moving tokens with arrow keys (with ctrl, alt and shift modifiers)
  • Added a setting to hide scale/rotate handles until the token is clicked again after selecting

Beta 14 Patch 1

Some fixes for Beta 14 and small additions.

  • Fixed adding, then removing dice left empty curly brackets in the message box
  • Added an automatic character category for Player Characters
  • Re-added checkboxes for adding multiple characters at a time from the new token modal
  • Moved the send message button into the message box
  • Added a 'hidden' toggle for messages to send in hidden mode
  • Fixed an issue where characters were added at the wrong size, size now always matches the file's size
  • Re-added sort options to resources
  • Fixed a bug creating characters from the right hand add panel
  • Fixed a bug where long character names could hide the character card controls

Beta 14

This release is focused on improving some existing parts of the Tableplop for quality of life. I've also been hard at work making improvements to character sheets to make them more flexible and easy to customize but they took longer than expected and so will have to wait for Beta 15.



  • Multi file upload is here, you can now upload many files at once.
  • File icons are improved - new uploads will now generate a small version which is used for the resources page and in avatars and scene images to improve load time.
  • The hierarchy can now be searched to find individual tokens quickly.
  • Added appearances section to token export/import
  • Added a scene specific setting for snap to grid
  • Added rounds counter to initiative


  • Changed Minify rolls setting to a campaign setting instead of a personal setting. This is default on, if you don't want to see rolls minified go to the campaign settings tab to disable it for you and your players.
  • Text token text size now supports a granular slider for more flexible sizing.
  • The new token menu has been rebuilt to make it consistent with other parts of Tableplop.
  • The old upload menu should be replaced everywhere in favour of the new resources view to reduce redundant code and offer the same options everywhere.
  • Improved scene load time by making it request all its resources simultaneously.
  • Right clicking a folder in the list will no longer expand it


  • Fixed subtitles for 4 level skill attributes
  • Fixed the local/global toggle on attributes not being saved correctly
  • Fixed spectator mode defaults back to normal mode on scene change
  • Fixed a bug where Patreon connections would expire before they should
  • Fixed a bug where character checkboxes missing a max attribute would cause the page to not load.

What is this?

Tableplop is an online, browser based virtual tabletop for roleplaying games where you can share an encounter, roll dice, track initiative, see character stats and chat. Connect on your computer, your phone or your tablet and explore a world together, but remote.

Game masters, roll up your sleeves because Tableplop has all the tools to build incredible scenes using built in tokens, your own uploaded art, drawing tools and Fog of War.

Tableplop is supported by the community

Tableplop is free and always will be, with no ads or timers thanks to the support of the patrons who fund hosting and development.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports Tableplop on Patreon, helps spread the word about Tableplop and brings feedback and suggestions and bug reports to Discord. Tableplop is only possible with your help.

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