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Elethia 3 minutes ago
Warlock spell attack: 8 1d20 4 + proficiency 2 + charisma 2 = 8 to hit
Brøl 1 minute ago
Brøl swings his battleaxe: 21 1d20 16 + proficiency 2 + strength 3 = 21 to hit, 7 1d10 4 + strength 3 = 7 slashing dmg
Kierra just now
Kierra darts forward and attacks with her longsword for 15 1d20 10 + dexterity 3 + proficiency 2 = 15 to hit.
The longsword hits dealing 10 1d8 7 + dexterity 3 = 10 slashing damage.
  • Elethia 14AC 16/16HP Fighter
  • Brøl 15AC 24/30HP Barbarian
  • Kierra 16AC 14/24HP Fighter
  • Ogre 11AC 35/59HP 2CR

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